Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday - Zubiri

Hello All
Have just had our first walking day. 23 km, from Roncesvalles to Zubiri. Tough route - had a hill like the one on the 50 walk at Umhlali, and we dropped about 300m in altitude over the last third into Zubiri. But Rayna and I are fine. Carole and Kim from Jo´burg had already booked in, so after chaecking into our modern refugio, we showered and washed our clothes, hoping that they would dry quickly in the nice sun. It was cool and a little wet this morning when we left, prompting many changs into and out of our rain suits. But luckily the rain that Sil kept ´promising´held off and it was a rather pleasant day to walk in. We had agreed last night to walk when you wanted to, at the pace you wanted to, so the 15 amawalker pilgrims will arrive in dribs and drabs here in Zubiri. Some sent back packs ahead with transport, others will carry their bags, so mixed styles.
For info - the pilgrim meal last night in Roncesvalles (9 euros) consisted of pasta in a tomato based sauce with sausage bits (LOTS of pasta), and bead, then trout and chips (salad and potato tart thing for those who don´t do meat) and a yoghurt for pudding , with a bottle of read wine between 4 people. We will do a pilgrim meal again tonight where we are staying.
Rayna and I met a Romanian pilgrim, who is an air traffic controller back home, who had thought about coming to SA a few years back to work - we walked some way with him. He then went off as he was hoping to do about 40 km to Pamplona today, but found him in Zubiri at a pub (we went looking for a drink and lunch as the albergue was still closed - only opened at 13h00) nursing a very sore knee. Had a beer with him on his recommendation - and it was rather good, although I´m still not convinced that beer is something I could get used to. Rayna says the beer was good.
Anyway .... all for now. Safe and settled in Zubiri waiting for all teh group members to arrive.
Kathy >Pilgrim


Joan said...

Kathy we all know that hills are your favourite!!
The meal sounded good - Enjoy


lizkzn said...

There's nought better than a cold beer after a good walk!