Friday, June 17, 2011

The next portion for Kathy

It´s Friday, we´re in Santiago and its about 13h00. Just reminding myself and getting re-orientated to the time and date. Time of day, day of the week and date have been far from our minds since we strated walking.

I thought I´d just give a quick overview of the next portion of my walk.

I leave on Sunday from Santiago de Composteal to walk to Negreira (22km). Sylvia took me to show me the way out of Santiago this morning, so that I would know the start of the . route out of town. I will be staying at the Hotel Tamara in Negreira the night, and will stock up on goodies (read food) for the next day or two as there is little to buy on the next stage apparently. On Monday I walk to Olveiroa (33km), and have booked accommodation in a beautiful looking rural Casa called As Pais. 4 rooms, menu of the day on offer and breakfast .... then Tuesday I walk into Cee and Corcubion and see the sea. Its a little like walking into an 18oo Muizenburg, then walking through Fish Hoek and Kalk Bay on the Cape coast in South Africa. This night I´m still undecided about accommodation, and will either do a traditional albergue in San Roque, or treat myself to a night in a little pension in either Cee or Corcubion. Will see how I feel..... This will be a short day. I´m breaking the 32 km between Olveiroa and Finnesterre into 2 days to enjoy the majesty of the area. From Cee I will then walk into Finnesterre or Fisterra on the Wednesday. Here I will get another certificate of completion, and walk to the light house on the peninsula (imagine Cape Point but not quite as dramatic maybe) and hopefully get a photo taken of myself next to the Camino marker board that reads 0.00km!!. On Thursday I walk to Muxia (said Mooscha), 28km away and have my last night out on my big walk. Friday, I bus back to Santiago to Hostal Suso and catch up with myself, repack my bags and get ready to start my journey home on Saturday evening. Rayna has kindly offered to fetch me on my arrival in Durban on the Subday afternoon.

We had a night bus trip to Finnesterre last night to see the sun setting (sun set at 22h20!!), so got to see a little of what to expect on my walk. The bus took about 90 minutes there, we then watched the sun set, had some glorious nibbles and wine and champagne, and all boarded the bus for the return trip to our magnificent hotel (a restored, converted monastry - very simple, very plain, very understated, very special). Kathy got to bed at half past 12! ... I think its the latest I´ve been up for years.

I´m unsure about email and internet access on the next portion of my walk, but will try and keep in touch. Thank you for the comments. RWFL Pinetown girls especially have been so regular in their comments. Thank you to all of you! its really been good knowing you are reading what is written and I really feel your presence with me on my walk.

We have a night walk in Santiago planned for tonight at 22h00. Its raining and very wet at the moment, so really hope it dries up and clears, otherwise we are going to get wet and be cold. Not that we can´t cope with that! it would just be nice to have it dry. But as we saw the sun set yesterday, a special experience apparently as it is often misty and overcast in Finnesterre, and to top it all we had a full moon!, we can´t really demand no rain for today. We have been so bless´d with the the weather during the last 3 week anyway.

Over and out for now ....


lilias said...

Good luck Kathy on your journey on your own this week..special for you. Love Lilx

The Devine Wards said...

What a special time everyone! Thinking of you and wish you all a blessed time on your "future Camino's". Syl is right, you have finished walking, but the spirit of the Camino stays with you!

enidkatz said...

Have just completed reading all of these wonderful writings from day one - took me the better part of at least 3 hours as i have been taking notes! I can't tell you how much in awe of you all I am! Thank you for sharing your journey with me - it is truly inspiring. Love Enid