Sunday, May 22, 2011

We're in the final countdown

Hi All!

I just looked at my little 8 cm in diameter globe and decided that we are traveling about the same distance to get to Madrid. Then I looked up the actual numbers: 8535 km from Seattle and 8407 km from Johannesburg. That's pretty darn close.

For some last minute thoughts and suggestions on learning Spanish, see the discussion on the Camino Forum:

Last year when the Icelandic volcano started erupting, I immediately changed my ticket so as to avoid northern Europe. The news yesterday and today is that the ash from this particular volcano consists of larger particles which do not stay airborne so long.

Nos vemos muy temprano,

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Sil said...

Some of us have to travel before we get to Johannesburg which is 600km from Durban where I come from and about 1264km (785miles)from Cape Town where Pam and Linda will come from.
Kim is coming from Turkey so she is the closest at 2732km or 1698 miles from Madrid.
Its a long way to Santiago
Its a long way to go
lah dee da da dee da da......