Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Very Useful Items to Bring

One consequence of packing light is that almost every night you are washing a few clothing items by hand. It's great to have a circular, flat sink stopper. That way you can wash clothes in any sink. Also, sometimes your socks are not dry by the morning. I found extremely useful the clips for stacks of papers too thick for a paper clip. I had a couple of these clipped to my pack. You use these to hang socks or whatever to dry while you are walking. Walking the Camino tends to cure you of any shyness you might have about which items of clothing you might have hanging from your pack!

See you May 29. Have a safe journey from South Africa!


1 comment:

Desire Fourie said...

So am I right ... you use layers of newspaper and put wet clothing inside to let it dry quicker? ... sounds like a handy tip.