Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello everyone

We have arrived in Santiago.

Arriving means many things ... but some of the more practical ones are (1) collecting our bags we posted onto Santiago when we arrived in Pamplona (2) getting our Compostella - certificate of completion of the Camino (3) booking into our hotel (Sylvia, you have outdone yourself!! what a fantastic place) (4) attending the 12 o clock pilgrim mass in the cathedral (held daily) (5) getting a map and your bearings in the old part of the city (6) getting some lunch, before meeting in the main square at 3pm as arranged. Photo opportunities beckon...... what an experience the last 3 weeks have been...... (but you will have to ask your pilgrim what the experience was like for them individually). Tonight at 8. 30pm we are to be collected by taxi to go to Finnesterre to watch the sunset from there (the end of the ´known world´eons ago), before being brought back later. I think some serious retail therapy will also be taking place, some visits to places of interest etc.... as most of the SA pilgrims have until mid afternoon on Saturday before they leave for the airport to travel home. Barbara and Charles head off to the UK on Ryanair tomorrow morning, and Janet leaves for the US on Friday late afternoon. I move to Pension Suso on Saturday afternoon, for my last night in Santiago before my 5 day walk to Finnesterre and Muxia, but I´ll be back in this ancient city the next Friday before traveling home.

The walk today into Santiago was an easy one .... and while it started through the woods and small farms, we quickly found ourselves on the outskirts of the Santiago airport (which straddles the Camino Frances route) and then the outer suburbs of Santiago. Like Sylvia pointed out, Santiago is NOT the END .. it was just our destination - our walk continues.

I think I speak for all when I say thank you for following our journey. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for all of us. We certaibnly knew you were out there!

We´ll be home soon ......

Love Kathy


elaine said...

Hi Kathy,
enjoy your last leg of the walk. You will make the most of it I am sure. If you think you are alone you are not there are many of us who walk beside you in spirit./take care Elaine

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
Well done, it has been really awesome to have followed your walk and I have been so envious. Thank you to all of you for your intersting postings and for letting us be a part of your pilgramage! Travel home safely!
Love Noeleen

Desire Fourie said...

Congratulations to you all. What an achievement and I am sure you are all returning to familiar grounds as reborn individuals in your own right and you will all perhaps look at life from a totally different angle.
Safe travels home.

lilias said...

Congratulations amawalkers.....looking forward to hearing all about it..
Well done you guys are amazing

Anonymous said...

I,m curious as to what hotel you stayed in at Santiago so I can book it for my next Camino.
Well done on the walk !
Fellow walker,
Maeve from CapeTown

Sil said...

A portion of the monastery San Martin Pinero was opened a year aog as a hotel. It is gorgeous! You have two options for accommodation. Small but tastefully decorated rooms (in what used to be cells) for 70 euro double (with breakfast) or a few older, pilgrim rooms on the 4th floor for 23 euro single.

Hospedería San Martín Pinario
Inmaculada, 3
Tel: +34981560282
Fax: +34981558552