Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Tuesday pm.
All back in Pamplona at Sarasatta ´guest house´ doing the normal things that pilgrims do in the afternoon. We all had a good walk today (about 22km) in cool misty weather with some sun at the end. For Durban readers it was a bit like walking in Kloof Gorge on a misty Kloof day. The temperature when we got here was about 13 degrees. Durban Liz, the plan to get nut brown is not working! The forest walking was beautiful and I think that Barbara is having such a special time as she says she really enjoys forest walking - a feature of the last 2 days. We are planning on having dinner in the main square tonight and have all probably sorted out something for breakfast tomorrow morning as we are on our own for that - breakfast not included here.


emilene said...

Hi Amawalkers! I'll be following your trip from Cape Town - sounds like you're having a wonderful time!

Jenny said...

Hello Amaworkers :-) lovely to read your news and to see photos. Enjoy. Jenny in Durban

Stewart said...

Bueno camino peregrinos. I will be 10 days behind you. I'll look out for signs of you having gone before me. I'm sure everyone will still be talking of the wonderful South African group that went ahead of me.

lizkzn said...

Well from the sound of the grub you are getting nutbrown isn't the only thing not being achieved! Maybe the real goal is to enjoy in peace. Watch out for those speed bumps!