Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday morning

ok - Tuesday morning, and we are all up and getting ready to leave our refugio in Zubiri. After a lovely supper, 10 of us returned to our dorm like room with bunk beds to settle down for the night. BUT .... between the nearby clock that chimes twice on the hour, just in case you didn´t get the number the first time, and also chimes on the half hour, and the snoring and purring, perpetrators to remain anaonymous, we had an intereting night! but - its another walking day so we have to get up, take care of blisters or potential blisters, pack our packs and get the day on the road. We are waiting for 7am breakfast here - wonder what we´ll get? Everybody in good spirits though and lots of chirping this morning. We have an easier walk day climbing wise from the look of the route profile, but just over 20km again I think on the way to Pamplona.
will write later again .....

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