Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arca do Pino

Hello everyone,

This is our last night out on the route before we all walk into Santiago tomorrow morning. While we are mindful of this, we are also not thinking too hard that this part of the walk is coming to an end. And I say PART with great emphasis, as this was or is really just part of our walk through life, and we undertook it here. Walking hard everyday, either alone or part of a small group, with amawalker walkers or other pilgrims has given us each time to journey with others or alone with ourselves and to consider all that has been close to our hearts and in our minds.

We set off from our various overnight stops in cloudy cool misty weather this morning, but again walked through the local country side that defies description. Forested areas, small subsistence farms, rural hamlets, farm land ..... just too beautiful. The walk was not arduous today, but a long distance again ... about 23 km. For those of you reading this who do road races, you will appreciate my thoughts along the way .... there are concrete bollards along the route that record the distance to Santiago. At the 32km to go marker I thought- ah, just a Midmar Umgeni water 32km, at 27km, I thought, just a Verulam race, at 25km, its just PDAC, and then when I passed 21 I thought about all the 21.1km half marathons I´d done over the years and wondered what race I´d like to think about, and thought probably the Sardine Run down the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast. So ... thought about all my walking buddies today, and did what we all do on races when we have some distance to go and need to stay focussed ....

Thank you again for all the comments ... and really pleased to see Cindy´s comment. Cindy, you can all do this!

I´ll post again in Santiago. Just wanted everyone reading the blog to know where we were, and that we were all ok. As usual, washing being done, snacks for the road tomorrow being sourced and a supper place being identified. What a life!!! its going to take some change in mindset when we get back home to take up our normal duties and roles there.



Linda said...

Hi Kathy, Syl and the gang
How sad for us that you are almost at the end of your camino because your updates have been such a joy to read. Enjoy your last few days before you come back to normality and Kathy, have a wonderful extra week. Love Linda

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed reading the blog pity that it is coming to an end. You all seem to be having a wonderful experience.
Take care, love, Marion

Desire Fourie said...

What a great way of playing a positive psychological game comparing distances with road races done. You are such a positive and inspirational person Kathy and so too, all your comrades. Proud of you all.