Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday - 4th June, Los Arcos to Viana

A few of us went to the pilgrim mass in Los Arcos last night. The priest was a friendly, jovial man who shook hands with all the pilgrims at the end of the mass and handed each one a prayer in their language. We had a group meal at the hotel - paella, schnitzel or spaghetti and a dessert for 11.70 euro. Pam was up at 4.30am and left at 5.15am. I was really sad to lose my friend and amaWalker companero but know that she has made the right decision to go home. We had a beautiful walk to Sansol and at Torres del Rio we visited the 12th C. Church of Santo Sepulchre. This church forms one point of a triangle (the male) with Eunate (female) and San Pedro in Estella Tthe maphrodite). The acoustics are amazing and Janet sang a lovely song that soared into the vault. Roy played his mouth organ and more and more pilgrims arrived, attracted by the music. When we arrived in Viana the Calle Mayor was humming with people eating and singing all down the main street. Eugenie and I visited the church and the info centre where we got directions to the apartments. We kept bumping into others from the group and at night 11 of us staying at the apartments had a communal meal provided by Sally and Kim. Soon the jokes were flying - mostly from Charles and Roy ( some involving Speedos and bacquettes which I won,t repeat here!). We have a short 9km walk to Logrono where we'll have lunch before being taken to the castle at Clavijo. Our backpacks will be delivered to the bus station at 4pm where we,ll get the bust to Burgos at 5.15pm.


Franklin said...

All sounds so amazing. I need to get back on the path. 2012 here we come!! Syl, thanks for being so supportive of Pam - I know how hard it was for her to leave, but sadly she needs to be at her darling sister Joy's side right now. Her flight from Dubai is on schedule and I'll be collecting her shortly and we'll go straight to the hospital (I guess Pam will still be in her hiking gear!). To the entire group....Buen Camino - go well. Love, Franklin

Anonymous said...

Clearly you are all having a beautiful Journey. My thoughts follow you as you go. Buen Camino!

Margi...(the green bag lady)