Monday, June 13, 2011

This and that

We are all slowly arriving at Palace do Rei and it has rained all the way so we all look a little like drowned rats. The beds are welcome as are the hot showers.
Una asked about boots and other. This is what we are wearing. Kathy and Linda Salomon trail shoes. Roy Kay and Eugenie Asics trail and Kay running shoes. Janet has Keen hiking sandals. Rayna and Sylvia have leather top hi tec V lite hiking boots Charles and Barbara have canvas hi tec hiking boot. Charles says his are his 4th pair over the years. Sally also has hi tec brookdale boots. Everybody is very happy with what they are wearing. I think that choice of foot wear and socks is a very personal choice.
What have we lost? Very little actually. The most devastating loss was Roys camera. Socks seem to be what are lost most often and Syl lost her note book. Barbara lost her head torch, but Roy said his head torch was the most useless thing he brought, so maybe the torch is not too missed.
What is the most useful? Waist belts in various guises, walking sticks, a buff, lip ice and foot anti chafe stuff like blue steel anti chafe gel, glide or compeed stick. Linda says her cell phone has been the most useful and Kathy says her garmin forerunner watch. Eugenie said her spats. Janet was pleased she brought her own shampoo and conditioner.
What did we consider the most useless thing we brought? Revolting sandals, and a number of the group said there altus rain suits. While we have not walked in pouring rain, it has rained on a number of occasions but we have got by with rain proof tops. Kay and Roy had SA purchased rain ponchos that just disintegrated at the first wearing so pass on those. Other useless items included the little black number tops a number of people brought to wear at night and have not been used and sarongs.
What do you need to bring? A sense of humour and comaraderie. The ability to chill and lots of patience.
We have walked about 310 km now with 65 to go to Santiago.
Tomorrow we walk to Ribadiso. Here's hoping it stops raining soon.

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Stewart said...

Wow - and yet it is so hot and sunny in Madrid. I will bring the sun with me to northern Spain (I hope) See you guys soon.