Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday - Villafranca to Sarria via O Cebriero

The bus came to fetch us at our lovely little hotel in Villafrance del Bierzo at 9am.While we were standing around chatting a woman walked up`and asked if I was Sil. It was Annie from South Africa who I have been in email contact with for about 18 months.  She was walking past and decided to stop at the hotel for a coffee when she heard South African accents.She wondered whether this could be my group and we had a lovely meeting outside the hotel.
The bus drove us to O Cebreiro where we visited for about an hour.The weather was gorgeous - it is often shrouded in mist or rain - and the vistas were breath taking.
Then we were taken down the mountain and dropped at Sarria where we visited a few shops, had lunch and Eugenie and I sorted out her new SIM card.  We walked 4.5km to Casa Carmen in Barbadello,This is where Pami wanted us to stay so in her honour we all agreed to spend the night here.
Tomorrow we will walk to Portomarin.Hopefully we´ll be able to visit Gordon Bell at Casa Banderas on the way so that I can give him his RSA flag.
It has been a full, lovely day again today and we are all looking forward to the next section of our walk to Santiago.

110km to Santiago


Pam said...

Sounds like a super day. Thanks so much for honouring me by staying with Pedro and Carmen. I miss all of you and sending love. Also please send love to Gordon if you find him home in Vilachi. Enjoy the next 100 or so kms. Lots of Love, Pammi xxx

Che koala said...

ahh Sil and the group, sounds wonderful, loving following you all ... and now reaching the last leg, you are reviving so many memories here of eating at Carmen Casa, cups of coffee with Maggie and Gordon ...and if you pass 'Peter Pank' just after beautiful Mercadoiro (and Jose's wonderful alberque) with his Jesus on the balcony, stand of jewellery and head scarfs could you see if he has an address of some sort?

I bought my fave ever head band/scarf from him and wish I'd bought a few more.

He also gave me a lovely leather camino bracelet - if you see him could you pass on a 'gracias' from the wobbly walker with a walker from last year :))

Buen buen camino

Anonymous said...

Hi Syl,
You are all having such a wonderful time, wonderful!!! I am in the UK.
Take care and love to all, Marion