Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday ..... (unsure of the date)

Had to ask somebody what day it is, and can´t tell you the date. Maybe Spanish time and the walking routine is becoming ingrained. Spanish time a little like Africa time, and Sylvia, Rayna and I had a bit of a laugh yesterday when our bus was late, and we recalled that on the Via Francigena walk in 2006 the Italians talked about their busses being retardo (late) - and voila, our Spanish busses were oftern retardo too...... We had a walking day today again - 22km to Rabanal, after 2 days of bus trips to get us throught he mesetta (flat and boring like the Free State). I think most of the group were pleased to get walking again, as we felt out of routine and a little flat from the waiting and long bus trips. Today´s walk was from about 800 m to 1300 m over the 22km - a long slow drag áll the way up into ¨town¨. But spectacular scenary. It reminded me of the area near Gansbaai or Pearly Beach if you know the area.
Some Spanish observations: tea (say Tey) costs 1 Euro 50. and Tey con Leche (with milk) 1.80 about - thats 18 rand! we order from a card, never ask what anything will cost, trusting that we can pay for it afterwards. The prices on the card often are wrong anyway. Orange juice is freshly squeezed, and a gin and tonic can cost anything from 6 to 8 Euros as the just pour the gin in free hand and you have to say STOP! A lunch sandwich, bocadillo is a hugh bit of french loaf - at least 30cm long with Jamon on (say G, gutteral G-hamon) and cheese and takes lots LOTS of chewing. I´ve just had a salad verde (green salad) as we are all craving salad, and veges - although the salads are good here. Breakfast is often tostado with jam and butter, or Spanish omlette or the usual croisantte (excsue spelling!!) Tonight we will probably go looking for a pilgrim menu - often 3 courses including bread and wine. Val - the food is ok, and there is lots of it available.
over and out - the rest of the group here now-


Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy
I so wish I was there. Its sounds like a very special trip. As far as not knowing the date that is good you leave the rest f the world behind for a while. I am glad the feet and muscles are all doing well and the food sounds yummy as well.
Regards Lyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
So gald that you are all having a wonderful time. I am quite envious. Am so enjoying reading the blog.
Take care,
Love, Marion

Michelle Ramsay said...

It is rather a strange feeling not knowing what the date is, but then do you really need to know? Sounds like you are all still having fun and not too many sore feet and muscles. Enjoy. Love Silvia in the Cowboy Bar!!

elaine said...

every day seems more fascinating than the last.

annie said...

``after 2 days of bus trips to get us throught he mesetta flat and boring``

don´t say so - I love the meseta!!!