Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CEE - Tuesday

Hello All
this is going to be a shorter post than I planned, as this keyboard is old and badly behaved. The S and D key don´t work so well (and a few others!!), and it makes for tough typing!

Am safely in Cee, at the sea. 20km walk today in rain all the way. It was not a happy day, and I was a little GV on the way. Visibility on the route down to 50 m I think, so could not see any of the vista´s promised, and the path near the end was very rough. My hotel room at Hotel Larry is decorated with wet clothing everywhere, and I´m hoping it gets dry before tomorrow morning! I didn´t even wash the walking clothes I wore today. Just took my clothes off and rolled them in a towel to get some of the water out ... this despite wearing my rainpants and rain top all the way. Every now and then on the route I had to stop and tip my head forward to let the rain that had accumulated in my hat´s brim tip out! anyway ... thats life. If it was raining like this at home I would have sms´d that I´m not walking - and it take a lot to stop me walking as you all know.

Then quickly about lunch. I went downstairs to the diningroom thinking half a french loaf again, when the chef said no, meal of the day is Galithian stew, a house special. So water and bread was brought, and a plate - and then he arrived with his special dish, and proceeded to dish up for me ... potatoe, cabbage and spinach stew (yummy yummy), with a variety of pieces of meat - chorizo sausage, pork, beef, and his prized piece that he laid ever so carefully on my plate and putting 3 fingers to his mouth showed me that this was the best piece .... a sheeps ear!!!!!!! well. As soon as he turned his back the sheeps ear was back on the serving platter, now left on my table, and it got neatly covered with spinach! The meal was however delicious, and so nice for lunch and getting me warm again. This was followed by creme caramel (of the casa) and coffee. All for 9 euro. So I really scored I think. The room (individual) was also only 30E ... my cheapest room so far. Double bed, bath and veranda with lovely view of the sea, boats, Corcubion on the other side etc etc when the rain stops briefly and the visibility improves ... So can´t even take photos ...

Hopefully tomorrow the rain in Spain will return to the plain .... and also that I get use of a better keyboard.

Unsure of distance to Finisterre hotel tomorrow - but will leave here at about 7, then drop my back pack at the hotel, and walk unhindered to the lighthouse another 3 - 4 km away .. and the real end of the world.

Am pleased to hear that the Durban gang are home after an eventful trip home.


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Sharon B said...

Good morning Kathy, had a good laugh about the sheep's ear. Lucky you still have your sense of humour about you. Unfortunate about the weather .... no buses going past ! ! ! What sort of temperatures are you experiencing? Hopefully you have good weather today.