Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finesterre ... later


Found lunch - macaroni with tom sauce and cheese, water and ice cream (sort of menu style). For those back home menu = meal of the day. Its set, but you often have a choice of first and second course, comes with pud, water or wine and bread. If you want to order al la carte, you ask for the carte! (card) ... not the menu like we would back home. Why macaroni? It was just safer as there is LOTS of fish here ..... any kind and variety ... fry squids, cry fish, cuttles fishes, salt cod, sardines, crubs and I didn´t want to get into trouble by eating any. Tuna still standard with any vegetable dish, bocadillo or sandwich and in the omlettes ... so macaroni nice and easy although not so regional or special.

After lunch did my shopping for tomorrow at the supermecado (bananas, yoghurt, the nicest apricots, a fanta orange, some water and an orange to carry on the way). There don´t seem to be too many bars on the way tomorrow, and its a 29km walk to Muxia. I´ve already eaten the apricots, so I might have to walk back into town and home (1.5km!) to get some more. Will decide.

Soon I´m going to walk up to see if I can find my route for tomorrow - think I might be able to get onto it from behind my hotel, so will go exploring - then I´m going to out my feet in the water on the 2km stretch of beach that is outside the hotel accross the main road - the Langosteira beach.

Sylvia - got my Finesterre certificate, and Begona is still working at the Albergue. I asked the helpful hospitaleria if she was Begona, and she said Si Si ... so said hello from you to her ...

The bus leaves from Muxia for Santiago at 07h00 on Friday morning, so I´ll have an early strat back to Santiago. But thats ok. There are a couple of things I need to do in santiago, I want to do some shopping, and I might go exploring the gardesn that I didn´t get to do last time. Then Saturay at 4pm I start my homeward trek.

Thats all for now. Time for walk about again as if I havem´t done enough.


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Anonymous said...

Wow Kathy you have done so well. Enjoy your last few days and have a safe trip home. See you soon. Love Noeleen