Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday afternoon

Hello All
This might be my last blog till I get home. Am safely back in Santiago, after catching the local service bus from Muxia this morning at 06h45. The bus got in at about 08h45, and then I nearly had a little hissy fit, as it didn´t stop where I thought it might stop (at the autobus station near our monastry hotel) ... and I had to find my way into town again - luckily I recognized the Camino route and walked in again like we did last Thursday. I have now really got the sniffles, but not feeling too bad and have already visited a Farmacia for some help (the Pharmacists speak goodish english and are very helpful),

I have already visited our old haunt - the Casino - I feel like a regular! and had ravioli, bread, tonic water and coffee for lunch, but have decided to eat ´in´tonight with fruit andyoghurt in my room. Haven´t been up yet, but its on the 4th floor of the seminary building. Wonder if its any different from the 1st floor we occupied last time' For 23 · it includes breakfast. Tomorrow morning to waste time before going to the airport I will walk to el Corte Anglais. Have detailed instructions, and it will take me 30 minutes apparently. will report back on my return.

For Sylvia and Pam - the route to Finisterre and Muxia is wonderful to walk, and could be included in your schedule for future groups .... but beware .. it seems to be really getting more popular, and I heard this morning from others on the bus that the municipal refugios quickly filled up (and were in fact full when some got there), and that Muxia is on on the bandwagon, because when these pilgrims went looking for other accommodation they were quoted anything up to 50 E for a room. Muxia not as well served by private albergue´s as Finisterre is I think. Lots of tour bus pilgrims too - but don´t think there is pack transfer yet.... and Finisterre very touristy. Many more pilgrims seem to walk Hospital to Muxia to Finesterre, rather than the way I did it ... Hospital, Finisterre, Muxia. There are lots of youngsters walking this Camino. Many of the other older (read my age and up) pilgrims who had come in to Santiago on less popular routes (seeking quiter experiences probably) noted that the albergues in Negreira, Olveiroa, Finesterre etc were very noisy and busy with the younger set. Many of the older people were pleased that the Camino has ´taken ´off with the younger set, but were also sorry that much that made it a special quiet reflective journey was being lost. There is a definite tension here. The San Roche albergue was mentioned by a number of people as being very special as the hospitaleria prepared a meal for them, and there was breakfast. Many of the albergues on the various routes apparently have lovely kitchens, but no cooking utensils, so forcing pilgrims to purchase meals from local bar etc. Another observation from these pilgrims was that a growing number of youngsters are walking the camino with tents, putting these up uotside already full albergues, then further putting pressure on the toilet facilities. I think I get back to an earlier post when I sid that before you set out you need to be sure what it is you want from and during the camino, and these observations of the albergues can further aid your decision making.


I´ve already thought about where I want to walk next .... did that yesterday on the way to Muxia. this walking bug has bitten good and solid, and another walking holiday in 3 or 4 years time beckons. I need to start saving and exploring options........

See you all soon! I´m bringing Santiago tart to session on Monday girls. See you there


Sharon B said...

Have a safe trip back Kathy. Sharon

lizkzn said...

I clearly can't bunk on Monday then. I'm a sucker for any tart! It's freezing and wet here today (16C) but the sun will be shining on your return.