Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ola, for the last time on the walking route.
I've arrived in Muxia after a slog of a day. Lovely walking setting, wet again ,,, but I was one of 3 things. 1. Tired because I didn't have a rest yesterday - I seem to spend the day walking as it was just so glorius walking on the beach, going up to the lighthouse, into town again, and agai, and again ... 2. Tired, because like the last km of any race, no matter what the distance, the last km (read last days walking) just went on and on and on .... or 3. I have a sore throat that Iḿ wishing away as I hope its not the start of anything. Anyway .... I'm here in Muxia. Have found the info spot and gotten my certificate and have access to this computer till 1 when they shut shop for siesta time. This is a fishy working town, with a specialness about it, but I'll explore later when I've had a bite to eat and taken these wet clothes off. The bus for Santiago is at 06h45 near here so will also get my bearings for that. Walked about 27km to this spot today ... no cafe bars open the whole way (there were supposed to only be 2 anyway) so luckily carried some supplies .. but did miss a nice coffee. Going to find one now.Over and Out!
Kathy reporting from Muxia

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lizkzn said...

Hope you've had something good from the Farmacia to knock the throat bug on the head, and that you are feeling better.