Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday evening

This blogging bug has bitten! but it also whittles away the time .... so here I sit at RSU (whatever that means) at Madrid airport in an internet cafe telling you more stories.

Interesting that Liz says its cold and wet back home in Durban. I´ve just left a very hot Santiago .... weather like we probably were wishing for at times when we walked, so that we could have got that lovely nut tan ... but what we had served us well, as we often covered long distances and the scorching heat would have killed us I think. Watching pilgrims come in yesterday, I saw that they´d got so sunburnt, and were all red, hot and puffy! So maybe what we needed weather wise was what we got. There was also a huge fire just outside Santiago yesterday afternoon, and the blue gum forest was burning fiercely - was quit exciting watching helicopters flying in water and letting it out over the plantation and then going off to top up again. I don´t read enough (read any!) Spanish, but the pictures in the papers this morning made it look quite sertious, and people were evacuating their houses. It was however all back to normal this morning. When alone I´ve taken to ´reading´the Spanish daily newspaper while I wait for, then drink my coffee. I feel quite sophisticated, but certainly don´t look it by Spanish woman´s standards ... they are natty dressers!

I went to the pilgrim museum in Santiago today and it was so interesting. Can´t tell you that I remember much to tell you now, but I really found the set up interesting and it caught your attention, and they had English manuals for each room so that one could read about evertything in the room. Somebody or group has really gone to a lot of effort to make it as user friendly and informative as possible. So if you ever get to Santiago, make sure you go there and do some browsing.

Otherwise not much to tell you, except that I find this part of the journey .. traveling by plane on my own, much scarier than walking on my own ... On the walk its about trusting the signs, and I was reminded of that every day, and concentrating on your surroundings so that you notice whats going on, and where the yellow arrows are pointing to. I rarely went wrong, and when I did I was quickly on track again. But this finding my way around airports slays me! ... anyway .. only need to find my Madrid boarding gate (plane leave just after midnight), and then I´m just about home.


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Sil said...

Have a good flight home Kathy. I'm sitting here with a long top and jersey freezing my little fingers off! There was a cold front that hit us last night and temps dropped. Looking forward to chatting when you get back home.
Buen viaje,