Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday some more ....

Hello all

Missing you all! the drinking and eating buddies are gone, and its very quiet. Nothing to do ... so went looking for some supper - with great dread I might add, as it is only just after 6pm, and I thought it would need to be bread again. BUT - I decided to go into a funny little place near the hotel that I´d seen on my earlier travels, but avoided for some reason, and I´ve just had the most beautifully presented salad with asparagus, cheese and ham (6 euros). If I think that yesterday with Linda I had a ´salad´ (5 euros) in Santiago that literally consisted of some lettuce and 4 slices of tomato (ensalada simple or something) this place deserves 5 stars for presentation and quality. But this place has no ´road appeal´and has some funny dudes drinking beer.... anyway. AND - they have an internet machine, after I walked 4 kms in town at mid day looking for a place. Will try their coffee next.

I´m going to keep a record of my costs on this leg to help others planning to do this portion ..and will putit all out at the end of my travels. As I was unsure of what to expect, travelling on my own etc, I have booked accommodation for just about every night, so will know those costs too.

After this I´m going to bed. Didn´thave much sleep last night, and we had two late nights before that, so need my beauty sleep. Also its a long day (35km) tomorrow, so need all my stremgth.

Over and out


p@c said...

You are such an inspiration, Kathy. Loving reading your blog!--p@ c

Sharon B said...

Loving your journey ... so exciting, so exhausting, but so wonderful! Wishing you lots of strength Kathy as you take the last part of your pilgrimage on your own. Thinking of you each step of the way. Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hello kathy

I have so enjoyed reading you story. What a wonderful time you have had. Like I said before I wished I was there. Everything is jaut different there but you all have coped splendidly and enjoyed the friendships made.

See you soon

Linda Mead said...

Hey Kathy - so enjoying your updates. Disappointed that you did not apparently stop for a quickie at the Bonka Cafe!!!!!! Luv Linda

Joan said...

Hi Kathy,

Enjoy the last few days of your amazing journey. Can't wait to hear all about it first hand when you get back. Will be thinking of you all the way.

lilias said...

Hey Kathy.Eish you are so brave lady...I admire you..! Love Lil